November 30, 2020

Payroll Vault, the nation’s first and only payroll and HR management franchise, launches a unique scholarship giveaway with the intention of helping aspiring entrepreneurs win the opportunity to own a Payroll Vault franchise worth $40,000.

The franchise scholarship is open to all college seniors, graduates, and post-grad students with business, marketing, and entrepreneurship coursework and experience.

“Most college students prefer to own their own business rather than go to work for someone else. However, the costs involved with starting a business are a deterrent,” said Sean Manning, CEO/Founder of Payroll Vault. “This franchise scholarship giveaway is a fantastic opportunity for young, aspiring entrepreneurs to see their dream of business ownership come true.”

Recent surveys suggest that 70 percent of new college graduates say the freedom of being their own boss is worth more than the benefit of job security working for someone else. Additionally, more than half said they are likely to start their own business in the future.

Up to four $40,000 franchise scholarships will be awarded, one per quarter. Applicants will be required to complete a 500-word original essay outlining how their experience is relevant to owning their own Payroll Vault franchise. In addition they must complete the online entrepreneurship education program Core Mastery – Core 24 at

The franchise award includes a business that delivers accurate and reliable software-based payroll services, including payroll check writing, payroll tax payment and reporting, and independent contractor check writing and reporting, and related human capital management and workforce management services for small, medium, and large businesses (Payroll Services).

For application requirements and deadline information, please visit the Payroll Vault Franchise Scholarship Giveaway page here.

About Payroll Vault Franchising

Payroll Vault Franchising provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to start up their own full-service, local payroll business with the support of a team of experts and a nationally recognized brand. Founded by a CPA with decades of experience, Payroll Vault supports its franchisees on business best practices and provides systems and strategies to operate a payroll business in a rapidly growing industry. With the franchise launch in 2012, Payroll Vault Franchising has grown rapidly due to its unparalleled client service and is recognized as a national leader, receiving numerous accolades and awards in the industry. For more information, visit


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Title: Payroll Vault Offers Unique Opportunity to Win a Franchise
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